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Blogging Guides

Our team of editors are all experienced writers.

With years of experience in blogging we’ve learnt a lot but also made plenty of mistakes along the way.

On this page you’ll find all of our knowledge and learnings written down so you can get started the right way from the beginning.

Our blogging guides are perfect for both new and experienced bloggers as you’re sure to find information here to take your blog and or business to the next level.

Bookmark this page as you embark on your blogging journey and we’ll be there every step of the way to help you reach your goals.

If you’re yet to start your own blog yet and you want to create on, then see our guide on how to start a blog.

Looking for inspiration? It might also be worth taking a look at our how to make money blogging post to see how bloggers make their money.

Creating a blog

There is various different ways that you can go about building a blog. These posts will take you though the process step-by-step and help you make money while you’re at it.

Guides to read when starting a blog

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Creating Content for your blog

A blog is a content publication platform. Some examples of successful blogs include BuzzFeed, Huffington Post, Business Insider, Mashable. There are all very successful in their own right.

Looking at them you might be put off by thinking it looks difficult. In reality it really isn’t. All it will require is excellent content, consistency, and patience. Get all that right and your audience will come naturally.

So how should you get started creating brilliant content?

Guides to creating useful blog content

A great place to start when planning out your blogging content is thinking about topic generation. These guides below will help you though the process of finding amazing content topics:

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Building the audience on your Blog

Setting up your blog is easy. The hard part is getting people to visit your blog, engage with your content and become loyal readers. It’s hard to build and audience but we’ve managed to do it time and time again. Below we’ve shared what we learnt each time and how to get it right from the offset.

How to get the first visitors to your blog

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